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Re: Resubmitting the COTS STG's resolutions that were never edited into the draft

Vince -

I think for this round you need to put these items in spreadsheet form.

BTW, thanks very much for doing this.  The COTS stuff looked familiar
from what comment resolutions I remembered on a quick scan, and I was
focused on other issues.

Stan Klein

On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 17:30, Vincent J. Lipsio wrote:
> Upon reviewing the latest draft of IEEE P-1583 (5.3.2), I noticed that 9 of our 
> resolutions to comments for Draft 5.0 (which was why our STG was formed) were 
> never edited into the document.
> Since these were arrived at by consensus over several months, this is presumably 
> an error, and so I am submitting these 9 resolutions as comments to the current 
> draft, identifying them with "COTS STG" as the author.  I have edited the 
> resolutions a bit because the section numbers have changed, or the test that was 
> supposed to be modified has changed, and so on.  The final version (which is not 
> as well proofed as the final version of our resolutions, dated 18 June 2004) are 
> at:
> http://www.lipsio.com/COTS/docs/COTS.resolved.butNeverEditedIntoDocument.html
> Vince
Stanley A. Klein <sklein@cpcug.org>