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Resubmitting the COTS STG's resolutions that were never edited into the draft

Upon reviewing the latest draft of IEEE P-1583 (5.3.2), I noticed that 9 of our 
resolutions to comments for Draft 5.0 (which was why our STG was formed) were 
never edited into the document.

Since these were arrived at by consensus over several months, this is presumably 
an error, and so I am submitting these 9 resolutions as comments to the current 
draft, identifying them with "COTS STG" as the author.  I have edited the 
resolutions a bit because the section numbers have changed, or the test that was 
supposed to be modified has changed, and so on.  The final version (which is not 
as well proofed as the final version of our resolutions, dated 18 June 2004) are