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Re: Andrew Berg's Re: [ieee] Re: Re: Quick Re: to Dick Johnson's Re: COTS scope

| Perhaps this is another example of "IEEE 1583 Specific Terminology" but  
| are we all working from the same definition of "mission critical" here?   
| Who certifies systems (or even components) for "mission critical" use? 

No, we clearly are not.  I was using "mission critical" in its oldest sense, 
referring to systems whose failure caused unintended loss of life or real 
property or the like.

Certifying agencies for such systems include the FAA, FDA, the DoD, or (in 
Europe) the TUeV (much stricter than the FDA on medical electronics).
Any of these above agencies would reject a critical system submitted without 
full source code and would laugh at a critical system that used a Microsoft 

Vince Lipsio