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Re: [ieee] Re: Re: Quick Re: to Dick Johnson's Re: COTS scope

Stan says:

> When Vince Lipsio talks about "mission critical" he is talking about
> systems where health, safety, and similar critical issues are involved.
> Examples include aircraft control (such as "fly-by-wire), nuclear plant
> control, and medical devices.
> That's the kind of systems he works on.
> I place voting systems firmly in this category.
> Stan Klein

I concur, with the additional observation that where errors aren't
as spectacularly detectable as in, say, an aircraft, it's especially
important to keep reminding ourselves that they do matter.

(I'll save my "KAL Flight 007 was a usability problem" story for
another time.  Suffice to say, you can write tests that look pretty
rigorous but don't cover the actual impact on the mission.)