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Re: Quick Re: to Dick Johnson's Re: COTS scope

My best understanding (and I may be wrong) is that Diebold software runs on Windows2000 and that its GEMS software uses Access.  I intended the "DRE" reference to be generic and to include the voting system and not just the voting station in isolation.  In fact, Access is less an issue than Windows itself in terms of what it would take to adequately inspect it.  Please correct any misunderstanding I may have of Diebold's interactions with Microsoft proprietary software and accept my apologies should I be incorrect in my uinderstanding.  Just in passing, you can test application software on a proprietary operating system, but you cannot inspect such an operating system without access to the source code.

This is my personal and professional opinion, and it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer.

-- Dick

Richard C. Johnson, Ph.D.
Applications Architect
Oracle Corporation

Vincent J. Lipsio wrote:
Consider the existing DREs running on Microsoft's operating 
system and using Microsoft's Access database.

I can't imagine why any DRE would include Access or any other 
database program.  If someone knows of any instance of such, I'd 
be interested in knowing of it.

Vince Lipsio