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FW: Remaining IEEE standards quoted in COTS comments

Hi Vince,

Will you be sending the corrected PDF for 1061-1998.pdf?

If you look at the two PDF's you sent out, the one labeled 1061-1998.pdf
contains the wrong standard.  It contains IEE Std 1471-2000.  So does your
1471-2000.PDF  It looks correct on the reference page, but when you open the
PDF it is incorrect.

IEEE 1061-1998:  http://www.lipsio.com/COTS/mhonarc/msg00035.html 
IEEE 1471-2000:  http://www.lipsio.com/COTS/mhonarc/msg00036.html 

I hope that you will send us the 1061-1998 Std?