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Remaining IEEE standards quoted in COTS comments

The IEEE standards quoted in COTS comments that have not already been 
made available to the group have been released for our use.  Because of 
their size, I am not emailing them directly, but rather am posting them 
to the COTS STG reflector at these URLs:

IEEE 1008-1987:  http://www.lipsio.com/COTS/mhonarc/msg00033.html
IEEE 1012-1998:  http://www.lipsio.com/COTS/mhonarc/msg00034.html
IEEE 1061-1998:  http://www.lipsio.com/COTS/mhonarc/msg00035.html
IEEE 1471-2000:  http://www.lipsio.com/COTS/mhonarc/msg00036.html

Now that these have been posted, there is no reason to not finalize our 
resolutions to the COTS comments.

Type to you later,
Vince Lipsio