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We will get copies of IEEE Standards referenced in P-1583

   Because several people noted that they do not own
the copies of the standards I referenced in some of
my comments and could, therefore, not resolve those
comments, I called Susan Tatiner at IEEE-SA today
and asked if and how the texts of these standards
could be made available to members of the P-1583
working group who had not purchased a copy.  She
replied that this is a common situation where members
of one standard's committee wishes to reference
other IEEE standards and that the SA has a procedure
to release a copy of the standards (in electronic
form) with a watermark and other disclaimers that
it is only for use by the requesting standard's
committee's members.  therefore, she's initiated
the process of getting us (P-1583) copies of the
below list of IEEE standards that are either already
referenced in P-1583 or that I'm suggesting be referenced

Type to you later,
Vince Lipsio

IEEE Std  610.12-1990,      "IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology"
IEEE Std  829-1998,         "IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation".
IEEE Std  982.1-1988,       "IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures to Produce Reliable Software".
IEEE Std 1008-1987 (R1993), "IEEE Standard for Software Unit Testing".
IEEE Std 1012-1998,         "IEEE Standard for Software Verification and Validation"
IEEE Std 1016-1998,         "IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Design Descriptions".
IEEE Std 1028-1997,         "IEEE Standard for Software Reviews".
IEEE Std 1061-1998,         "IEEE Standard for a Software Quality Metrics Methodology".
IEEE Std 1063-2001,         "IEEE Standard for Software User Documentation".
IEEE Std 1063-2001,         "IEEE Standard for Software User Documentation".
IEEE Std 1228-1994,         "IEEE Standard for Software Safety Plans".
IEEE Std 1471-2000,         "IEEE Recommended Practice for Architectural Description of Software Intensive Systems".
IEEE Std 14143.1-2000,      "IEEE Adoption of ISO/IEC 14143-1:1998 Information Technology --- Software Measurement --- Functional Size Measurement --- Part 1: Definition of Concepts".