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Resolution of COTS comments

   Now that the next P1583 meeting is only a week away, I'm going to 
need to stop taking comments soon and propose resolutions or tentative 
resolutions based on the comments received so far.
   Of our 45 items, 22 (including some redundancies) have unanimous 
agreement on how to resolve them by those who have commented so far, and 
I'm inclined to declare them resolved.  7 More have only one commenter 
in disagreement with the others, so I'd like you to look and see if 
there are any of those where you are the sole person in disagreement 
with the majority consensus where you can't live with the consensus of 
the remainder of the group.  In the spreadsheet found at:
there are all comments received so far plus an additional status column 
containing "OK" for unanimous consent, "-1" for comments where there is 
only a single commenter in disagreement with the majority consensus, and 
"?" for 2 or more commenters in disagreement with the remainder.
   For the remaining comments where there is greater disagreement, I'd 
like to have a conference call to discuss what we should do, but my last 
email mentioning this and asking for proposed times went unanswered.  If 
necessary, Rebecca and I can fill in, analogously to other task groups, 
the "chair's proposed resolution", but we prefer to hav discussion of 
the matter first.
Type to y'all later,